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Go to Hell or Heaven@紅楼夢

God and Demon
I don't ask "Believe Me".

You sold yourself to the Demon.

You already used the Demon Power.

So Now Bring Money to the Demon Palace - the Demon

You yourself invited the situation - the Demon in the Palace

Come to the Palace - the Demon

The Palace is a Grave of the Former King.

In short, the Demon is a Part of God.

God Never allow the person who sold him/herself to the Demon.

God send the person to the Hell.

In this way, the Divine System eliminates the Babylon System.



God and Allah
I don't ask "Believe Me".

I don't believe you.

You believe you.

It's no problem.

You don't believe me.

I believe me.

It's no problem.

You believe in God or Allah.

If you cheat God or Allah,

They never allow you.

Because you are the religious people.

I don't know God or Allah.

But I think they exist.

Jesus heard from God.

Muhammad heard from Allah.

But God or Allah may change Now.


Pki play ninyo ito ang pagkkaiba ng surga at narakah
Posted by Noraisa Malunao on 2014年6月6日

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